Upgrade for patch releases

General recommendations

Be sure to read the Everyware Cloud release notes and the planning the upgrade section.

Preparing to upgrade

Before upgrading to a patch release be sure to follow these steps:

  • backup the databases
  • backup your existing configuration exporting all project configurations

Upgrade steps

Patch releases of Everyware Cloud usually do no introduce configuration or database changes. If any change is required it will be described in a separate section referring to the specific Everyware Cloud version.

The process to upgrade Everyware Cloud is the following:

  • upgrade the standard EC components using Helm, changing the version of the container images in the values override file
# Deploy the Events Broker
helm upgrade -n everyware-cloud -f ec-events-broker.yaml ec-events-broker charts/02-components/ec-events-broker

# Deploy the Message Broker
helm upgrade -n everyware-cloud -f ec-broker.yaml ec-broker charts/02-components/ec-broker

# Deploy the Web Console
helm upgrade -n everyware-cloud -f ec-console.yaml ec-console charts/02-components/ec-console

# Deploy the RESTful API
helm upgrade -n everyware-cloud -f ec-api.yaml ec-api/charts/02-components/ec-api

# Deploy the Job Engine
helm upgrade -n everyware-cloud -f ec-console.yaml ec-job-engine charts/02-components/ec-job-engine
  • repeat the same upgrade operation for the optional components ec-vpn and ec-monitoring if installed.
# Upgrade the VPN Service if installed
helm upgrade -n everyware-cloud -f ec-vpn.yaml ec-vpn charts/02-components/ec-vpn

# Upgrade the Monitoring Service if installed
helm upgrade -n everyware-cloud -f ec-monitoring.yaml ec-vpn charts/02-components/ec-monitoring