This section describes how to upgrade Everyware Cloud.


Read and understand these instructions before upgrading. Carefully review the planning and upgrading instructions.

Planning the upgrade

The upgrade process for Everyware Cloud provides minimal downtime.

There are a few factors to consider when planning an upgrade.

  • To reduce risks Eurotech recommends a continual upgrade strategy to provide access to product improvements and new features and reduce version impacts
  • A big gap between the current version and the target version could potentially make the upgrade more dangerous and risky

Upgrades from Everyware Cloud 5.8 and earlier require an interim upgrade to 5.9.
When upgrading to a minor version, first upgrade to the latest patch release on your current version.


Eurotech recommends backing up your data prior to any version upgrade. This includes both the databases and custom configurations. A backup provides the ability to revert and restore all the data used in the previous version if necessary.

Upgrade order

Eurotech recommends the following upgrade order:

  • Events broker
  • Messaging service
  • Admin Console
  • RESTful API
  • Job Engine
  • VPN Service

Known Issues

In case of problems logging in to the Console after the upgrade, refresh the page (usually F5 on most browsers). This is usually caused by files cached by the browser and not compatible between different versions of the Console.