Release Notes


Eurotech recommends the latest patch release for most environments.

Everyware Cloud 5.10.1 Release Notes


Everyware Cloud 5.10.1 components:

  • Admin Console 5.10.1
  • RESTful API 5.10.1
  • Events Broker 5.10.1
  • Messaging 5.10.1
  • Job Engine 5.10.1
  • VPN Service 5.10.1

Everyware Cloud 5.10.1 is based on Eclipse Kapua 1.6.2 and includes all changes from earlier Everyware Cloud versions.


  • Provisioning: Added checking of provision Job when it is already existing
  • Provisioning: Show characters allowed for password in provisioning request dialog
  • Device Activities: Show 'id' column in Device Activities view
  • VPN Service: Added specific exception when VPN configurations are not present for a VPN Server


  • VPN Service: Fix submit button does not get focus in add account dialog
  • Message Service: Fix submit button does not get focus in add account dialog s
  • Batch Jobs: Fix mapping for TriggerProperty in OpenAPI definition
  • Device Management - Fix mapping for tamperServiceId in OpenAPI definition
  • Provisioning: Fix backend validation for ProvisionRequest.clientId
  • Provisioning: Fix Provisioning view error when provisioning request creation fails
  • Routes: Fix error write error when parameter names are null
  • VPN Service: Fix download of vpn configuration file for level two accounts or higher

Everyware Cloud 5.10.0 Release Notes


Everyware Cloud 5.10.0 components:

  • Admin Console 5.10.0
  • RESTful API 5.10.0
  • Events Broker 5.10.0
  • Messaging 5.10.0
  • Job Engine 5.10.0
  • VPN Service 5.10.0

Everyware Cloud 5.10.0 is based on Eclipse Kapua 1.6.1 and includes all changes from earlier Everyware Cloud versions.

New Features

  • Delegated Authentication [1]. Users authenticated externally through an OpenID Connect provider can be identified by external name (the existing identification through subject identifier is still supported).
  • Component Inventory [1]. A dedicated panel in the Admin Console lists all the Container Resources in the ESF device. User can start/stop the containers from the Admin Console or REST API.
  • Key Rotation [1]. A tool is distributed with the software that allows system administrators to rotate the key used to encrypt secrets stored in the DB. Check the procedure to upgrade from an earlier version of Everyware Cloud

[1] - From Eclipse Kapua


  • Console: Added label for Certificate PrivateKey info
  • TLS Connections: Moved CBC Cipher Suites to Legacy Algorithms
  • VPN Service: restrict creation of Vpn Server entries to ec-sys account
  • Device Component Inventory: manage new APK resource type


  • Certificates Management: Added checks for Certificate.forwardable property to be not null
  • Certificates Management: Added check to Certificate.privateKey when sending DEVICE_MANAGEMENT certificate to Device
  • Certificates Management: Fixed typo in Device Management Certificate Tab
  • Certificates Management: Sanitized Certificate Usages field
  • Device Tamper Status: Fixed Tamper Status dialog layout
  • Device Provisioning: Added missing status field in Provision Request edit dialog
  • Helm Charts: Added missing mapping for SSO in Helm Charts
  • API: Fix device management activity open api mapping
  • API: Fix typos in documentation
  • Security: Fix OpenAPI authentication user examples
  • API: Added missing Inventory/container resource mappings to root openapi.yaml
  • API: Fix Swagger CLI openapi.yaml generation
  • Device Activities: Fixed REST DeviceManagementActivities retrieva
  • Security: Fixed UserCreator.status mapping and references
  • VPN Service: Fix VPN service utils NullPointerException