Tamper Detection

With the Tamper Detection feature a user can remotely check if a set of resources monitored by the device have been tampered. In the proposed model the device may implement a set of tamper detection services each monitoring a group of resources.

When inquired by a user, the service can report about the integrity of the monitored resources and can report more properties about the status of the resources; the content of the properties depend on the specific implementation of the service.

To list the entries of all the tamper detection services managed by a device, go to the Device view, select the device and select the Tamper tab. The list of all the entries is displayed.


Each entry reports the following information:

Column NameDescription
Service IdA string that identifies the service represented by the entry
Service NameThe display name of the service represented by the entry

To check the integrity status of the resources select a service entry and click on the Status button in the tab toolbar:


To reset the integrity status select a service entry and click on the Reset button in the tab toolbar then click on Submit.

Check Tamper Detection Configuration

You can check the details of a tamper detection service component configuration from the Configurations tab of the device. Select the Configurations tab and search the component configuration that matches the service of your interest then click on the component name to view the configuration details: