IoT Cloud Platform

Everyware Cloud addresses the integration needs of IoT applications. The platform provides all the services required for the management of IoT gateways and devices in the field, including configuration management, application life-cycle management, and remote access. It also provides the services needed to collect data from the field and integrate it into downstream applications, business processes, dashboards and reports. Being Everyware Cloud the integration hub between the IoT devices and the IT infrastructure, we refer to it as the IoT Integration Platform.

Everyware Cloud is one of the components of the Eurotech Everyware IoT solution highlighted below.


Everyware Cloud IoT Platform is organized around the following pillars:

  • Open and Secure Device Connectivity - Reduce integration costs by leveraging the standards based interfaces offered by Everyware IoT. Device connectivity leverages the ISO certified standard MQTT protocol and an open language independent data payload format.
  • Device Management - Reduce maintenance costs, improve your operational efficiency, and extend the lifecycle of your remote devices by keeping them up-to-date and secure. Everyware Cloud IoT Platform has the unique ability of managing the field devices through the same MQTT connection used for the telemetry data.
  • Device Remote Access - Remotely access your devices to enable remote maintenance and to provide advanced assistance on issue investigation without field visits to installation site.
  • Data Management - Collect, store, analyze any sensor or device data to derive business insights and drive new revenue.
  • Real Time Data - Subscribe to sensor data streams to enable immediate data decisions and analytics.
  • Security - Trust your remote devices leveraging enterprise-class security strategies built-in to the Everyware Cloud IoT Platform.
  • Scalability - Start small and grow while being sustained by a solid platform.