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Everyware Cloud (EC) is an IoT Integration Platform distributed and supported by Eurotech. Based on Eclipse Kapua, Everyware Cloud offers an open and modular IoT Cloud Platform based on a micro-services architecture. Everyware Cloud provides device management, diagnostics, provisioning, remote access of IoT gateways and devices and integration services for the telemetry data.

Get Started


It's possible to install Everyware Cloud either on OpenShift Container Platform and OKD using OpenShift template or on Kubernetes via Helm charts.

Before proceeding with the installation it's important to read and understand the Prerequisites.

To install EC on OCP or OKD follow the documentation in the Installation OpenShift page.
To install EC on Kubernetes follow the documentation in the Installation Kubernetes page.

A list of the various properties configurable via environment variable in the Everyware Cloud containers can be found in the Container Properties page.

Further details concerning the Cache configuration can be found in the Cache Configuration page.

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