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Everyware Cloud (EC) is an IoT Integration Platform distributed and supported by Eurotech. Based on Eclipse Kapua, Everyware Cloud offers an open and modular IoT Cloud Platform based on a micro-services architecture. Everyware Cloud provides device management, diagnostics, provisioning, remote access of IoT gateways and devices and integration services for the telemetry data.

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Everyware Cloud use Apache Camel to route messages to external consumer. In particular, it is able to route messages to an external Kafka destination or to an external REST endpoint

Common Parameters for all Routes

Use Delay Parameters with caution!

Please be careful when using the retry, a high delay value might cause broker failures!

Message Recovery

Please note that the message is lost after the last retry attempt.

The following are common Apache Camel parameters for both external Kafka and REST routes.

Parameter Name


Maximum number of redelivery attempts allowed. 0 is used to disable redelivery, and -1 will attempt redelivery forever until it succeeds.



Fixed delay in milliseconds between each redelivery attempt



An upper bound in milliseconds for redelivery delay. This is used when you specify non-fixed-delays, such as exponential backoff, to avoid the delay growing too large.



Note that the Camel BackOffMultiplier parameter value is set to 2 by default and is not modifiable. When the exponential backoff algorithm is enabled, the MaximumRedeliveries value is used as highest exponent of the BackOffMultiplier parameter value, while the RedeliveryDelay is used as the starting base delay.

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